Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The 356 Project of 2015

I am already 7 days behind for 2015 and I still haven't blogged since 2013. I am going to try and go back my files and use my Facebook account to try and get everything caught up.

Poor Cameron is sick again. School started on Monday and today is now Wednesday. He was sick last week and threw up last Wednesday once but has had diarrhea since then. This morning at 3am he came upstairs I touched his arm and new what happened before he had finished so in the shower he went. Ryan went back to school today after coming home from school by 11:30 Monday morning. The poor kid tooted and had diarrhea that went down his leg and into his shoe. I was grateful that he wasn't in his normal classroom when it happened. He had been pulled for tutoring otherwise the kids in his class would of never let him live it down. I got an email from Ms. Baluf today and she said the poor kid couldn't figure out what was happening. He must be doing better because he is still at school after three days off. Grace was sick just like Cameron last week. Poor girl she had been sick a couple of weeks before as well so we had diapers on hand. She has been doing so good on potty training. Its funny the names kids come up with. Cameron would say that he has water poop and that he threw up. Gracie would say she has pretend poop and that she choked.  Thank heavens Gracie is fingers crossed back to normal and went with Grandma Matthews to Becky's house to play today.

 I don't drive the Camey very often anymore. Blaine drives it since he has so far to drive to work. On my way home from my PTO meeting last night I looked down and saw that my little car had rolled over the 200,000 mile mark. This is the same car that I got in 1999 my senior year of high school. It has been such a good little car knock on wood with not much that has gone wrong with it. We are hoping it holds on till the end of this year then I think we will trade it in for a mini van. Yep I said it I love my Tahoe and we won't get rid of it. We are going to pay it off this year and then Blaine will take it over since he drives freeway to work every day. We love being able to tow with it and we have the electronic breaks on it so someday we can get a travel trailer. I do a lot more city driving so it would be nice to have a vehicle that gets better around town gas mileage. 

Gracie and her cousin Becky at the first day of Gymnastic of the year. Gracie LOVES gymnastics and we are so sad that coach Billie moved away. The gym has revamped stuff and changed the way they do the little ones gymnastics. Gracie wants structure at least for gymnastics this girl wants to learn how to do all the beams ect. We have moved her to the Monday night class and she is now a Mini Hot Shot. She stars next week and is really excited to be going to gym the same time her brothers do and she is really happy that she will get to go to dinner at Grandmas house like the other kids do after gymnastics. Grandma Matthews basically owns the gym at that 4-6 time on Monday. Desiree and Audry are doing gym for 2 hours. Luke and Andrew are level 1, Cameron is also level 1 but goes at the 5:00 time since Ryan is a level 2 and they don't offer the 4 time.

Gracie makes dad do Gymnastic with her all the time. I hope these pictures don't lead to her being the top of a pyramid when she is in Jr. High I would be really happy if we stick to gymnastics and not cheer.

I am very happy to say that this year for Christmas the kids got 0 electronics. Ryan had found some wood roads in a cataloge at Grandma Matthews house. They love it she gets all the super fun toy cataloges. Cameron and Ryan have been looking at this parking garage for a couple of years now so Grandma got them that and Santa brought the wood road pieces. They will love playing with them even more when they have a bigger room to do it in.
 Little miss Gracie showing off her rice cake a few minuets after she choked.(threw up) Notice she is in her sleeping beauty dress with a phone so her life is good. To bad she keeps choking and having pretend poops. Hears to everyone getting better soon. 

We are now up to date for the month of January now hopefully I can keep this going. I don't think I will be able to do it every day like some people do and like I think is the correct way to do this 365 thing however I will try and do a week recap that seems like it may be more manageable.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Park Day

As part of the deal to try and make Cameron happy and not be super sad that Nana and Papa left I promised to take the to Princess Park. They had gone with Grandma Matthews a few times but I haven't ever been.

 I will admit that Princess park is pretty neat. It is like a castle even with a dudgeon.

 Grace told me that we needed to take carrots to feed the horses. Well I didn't have any carrots however we did have some apples and you can tell that the horses get fed a lot. We went to look at them without any food at first and the one horse came right over to us then realized that we didn't have any food and totally walked away. Ryan ran to the Tahoe to get the apples and horse came out of the wood work. Cameron thought that the horses are great. He loved feeding them apples even though the horse slimmed him a lot.

This is such a fun slide. It's not a normal slide it is like the back of a dragon. It's to big for Grace to go on however the boys think that its great.
It was a fun afternoon at the park was fun. Now they want to take daddy back sometime. 

My little stylish girl playing with her shopkins grocery store. 

Our 2014 has defiantly been a little different than we thought it would go especially when it comes to our living situation. However everything worked out as best as it could and we have been blessed. Daddy has a good job and we found a place to live in our ward boundaries instead of a two bedroom apartment. Next year holds a lot of possibilities and more growing up and hopefully becoming home owners again.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Nana and Papa Visit

Nana and Papa game the Day after Christmas and the kids where very excited. Even though they couldn't stay as long as we thought they would we still had got to do a lot of fun stuff with them. As soon as they got here Gracie had to take Nana up to her room and show her every single thing. They where upstairs I would say for a good two hours.
Saturday morning we tried to go to our normal bowling ally in Gilbert but it was super crowed so we came to one in Mesa and the kids had a blast. Gracie is a great little bowler especially when Papa Bird helps her out.

Cameron turned out to be a pretty good little bowler. Ryan and Gracie sat watching everyone bowl.
Bowling took it out of Gracie. She fell asleep and hard we played with her a little bit trying to get her to wake up since by this time it was getting later in the day and we still wanted to go to the Temple lights.
She finally did wake up but as you can see by this picture she wasn't thrilled with it.
Mommy Nana and Gracie at the Temple Lights
Even if it was just mommy and Gracie she doesn't really want to smile or admit she liked being at the Temple lights.
 She did get a lot happier when she asked daddy if we could go to Zoyo and he took us. It was cold outside but really its never to cold for ice cream is it?

 Blaine is going to hate that this picture ended up on the blog but I had to. Nana started taking picutres at Zoyo and got some good ones.
 Ryan loves Zoyo and and was happy to be sharing it with Nana.
You can see that these kids had fun with Papa

You can kind of see the garbage can behind my dad. He was pretending to pick up Cameron and Grace and throw them head first in the garbage can. You can see that Cameron was really worried about that right. 

Before church we headed to Grandma Matthews house to pick fruit for Nana and Papa to take to Texas and then home with them. They didn't bring church clothes so they went to Grandma Birds until we got out of church then we went out to say our goodbyes.  Gracie was sick the Sunday before Christmas so she didn't get a chance to ware her Christmas dress.

After church we made it out to Grandma Birds to hang out with Nana and Papa until they had to start heading for Texas.
Cameron had been quite all day and when we got to Grandmas I figured it out. He was sad that Nana and Papa had to leave. He really clicked with Papa this trip and really didn't want him to leave.

My little man hanging out with Papa I kept trying to get him to smile but he wouldn't for me however papa new the button to push to get a smile out of him.
 Cameron was giving hugs and kisses goodbye.
This picture makes me cry. After hugs and kisses where given Nana and Papa went outside. Daddy, Ryan, Grace and Grandma Bird all went outside I started to walk outside when I turned around to see this little boy completely loose it and in turn making me cry as well. I have gotten a lot better over the years to not cry when my dad leaves however seeing my little boys heart breaking just made me so sad.  Talk about the difference in kids Ryan came back inside asking why Cameron was crying. I told him it was because he was sad that Nana and Papa had to leave. Ryan in his matter of fact way of talking said well they said they had to leave at 5:00 and its after 5:00.  I promised Cameron that after Nana and Papa move into their new house that we would have to drive to Colorado to see it. It made him a little happier but it was still a very sad night. 


Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas 2014

We started the last day of school helping out in Cameron's Christmas party. It was so fun to see him having fun with his friends.

Cameron had fun making his Christmas tree even though he doesn't even eat any of the stuff he put on it. Gracie has a new obsession thanks to You Tube. SHOPKINS she was very excited about getting a couple of Shopkins blind baskets.
I am so excited about our new Christmas stockings. I have been wanting these from Pottery Barn. I found Emily's first then I went and got the other stockings and had my friend from work Carol use her embroidery machine. I absolutely love them so excited to finally have nice looking stockings.
Christmas Eve was a day full of wrapping gifts for Grandma Matthews. This picture doesn't even do the about of gifts that was put into this room justice.
 Christmas Eve we watched Home Alone. I knew Ryan would love the part when the bad guys break into the house and Kevin start toutring them. Sure enough I was right. It was so cute to see this great smile.
Since I had been wrapping gifts at Grandma Matthews house Christmas Eve from 9:00am-5:00pm lets just say nothing got done at our house if you know what I mean. I had to let Santa in the house around 12:30 but at least he got here. Sana was good to the kids even though he didn't bring any electronics.

Gracie LOVED Christmas this year. She has already asked when we can have Santa come back. The boys didn't really get the whole Christmas thing at an early age as Grace has. It was a really fun Christmas this year just to see how excited that Grace was. This gift was as tall as she was.

Ryan got a pogo stick from his brother and sister. He was pretty excited since he has been wanting one for a long time.
 Grace was very excited for this gymnastics Barbie and Skipper. Now all of her Barbies and princesses do gymnastics. She was also very happy that her stocking had Shopkins blind baskets as well as her very own dark chocolate.

I didn't get a lot of pictures of Cameron because he was to fast. Cameron and Ryan got a lot of combined gifts. This was the favorite for sure wood roads that they can build themselves. They link togeather and have parking and intersections.
 Cameron was very excited for his gift from Nana and Papa. When you asked him what he wanted for Christmas he would say he wanted a marble run. You can see by the smile on his face how excited he was. This was the boys 1st round loot.

Gracie's loot has a lot of pink. We started out craze with Barbies now. I have to admit I am a little excited I loved Barbies when I was little and I will admit that I am kind of happy she is into them.
Round two of Christmas was at Grandma Matthews at 3:00. We where going to do the gifts first but it was so cold outside and we where eating outside so we ate first before it got colder. Cameron and Andrew kind of dissipared and I found them in the in the living room watching You Tube. I wanted to get a picture of Gracie's cute Christmas outfit but she was kind of being a stinker since she hadn't had a nap so that was as good as I got.
I love pictures of Gracie and her daddy. This was after the craziness of opening gifts. Craziness is calling it nicely. It was pure and utter chaos and hopefully next year we can come up with a better idea. This picture was after the maddness.
 After we got home from Grandma's Gracie had to open everything. Doc Gracie had to give Elsa a full check up. She even sang the Doc McStuffins song as she did it.
 Doctor Gracie was had a very happy Christmas this year. Grandma Matthews made each little girl 2 sets of Pj's. The thing is she took Gracie shopping with her to pick out fabric and so she did. She helped pick out all the pj fabric and boy did she know what ones where suppose to be hers.

Last but not least Grandma made all the little girls a princess bed spread. Gracie's bed and room won't be this clean for a long time so I made sure to get a picture of it.