Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The 356 Project of 2015

I am already 7 days behind for 2015 and I still haven't blogged since 2013. I am going to try and go back my files and use my Facebook account to try and get everything caught up.

Poor Cameron is sick again. School started on Monday and today is now Wednesday. He was sick last week and threw up last Wednesday once but has had diarrhea since then. This morning at 3am he came upstairs I touched his arm and new what happened before he had finished so in the shower he went. Ryan went back to school today after coming home from school by 11:30 Monday morning. The poor kid tooted and had diarrhea that went down his leg and into his shoe. I was grateful that he wasn't in his normal classroom when it happened. He had been pulled for tutoring otherwise the kids in his class would of never let him live it down. I got an email from Ms. Baluf today and she said the poor kid couldn't figure out what was happening. He must be doing better because he is still at school after three days off. Grace was sick just like Cameron last week. Poor girl she had been sick a couple of weeks before as well so we had diapers on hand. She has been doing so good on potty training. Its funny the names kids come up with. Cameron would say that he has water poop and that he threw up. Gracie would say she has pretend poop and that she choked.  Thank heavens Gracie is fingers crossed back to normal and went with Grandma Matthews to Becky's house to play today.

 I don't drive the Camey very often anymore. Blaine drives it since he has so far to drive to work. On my way home from my PTO meeting last night I looked down and saw that my little car had rolled over the 200,000 mile mark. This is the same car that I got in 1999 my senior year of high school. It has been such a good little car knock on wood with not much that has gone wrong with it. We are hoping it holds on till the end of this year then I think we will trade it in for a mini van. Yep I said it I love my Tahoe and we won't get rid of it. We are going to pay it off this year and then Blaine will take it over since he drives freeway to work every day. We love being able to tow with it and we have the electronic breaks on it so someday we can get a travel trailer. I do a lot more city driving so it would be nice to have a vehicle that gets better around town gas mileage. 

Gracie and her cousin Becky at the first day of Gymnastic of the year. Gracie LOVES gymnastics and we are so sad that coach Billie moved away. The gym has revamped stuff and changed the way they do the little ones gymnastics. Gracie wants structure at least for gymnastics this girl wants to learn how to do all the beams ect. We have moved her to the Monday night class and she is now a Mini Hot Shot. She stars next week and is really excited to be going to gym the same time her brothers do and she is really happy that she will get to go to dinner at Grandmas house like the other kids do after gymnastics. Grandma Matthews basically owns the gym at that 4-6 time on Monday. Desiree and Audry are doing gym for 2 hours. Luke and Andrew are level 1, Cameron is also level 1 but goes at the 5:00 time since Ryan is a level 2 and they don't offer the 4 time.

Gracie makes dad do Gymnastic with her all the time. I hope these pictures don't lead to her being the top of a pyramid when she is in Jr. High I would be really happy if we stick to gymnastics and not cheer.

I am very happy to say that this year for Christmas the kids got 0 electronics. Ryan had found some wood roads in a cataloge at Grandma Matthews house. They love it she gets all the super fun toy cataloges. Cameron and Ryan have been looking at this parking garage for a couple of years now so Grandma got them that and Santa brought the wood road pieces. They will love playing with them even more when they have a bigger room to do it in.
 Little miss Gracie showing off her rice cake a few minuets after she choked.(threw up) Notice she is in her sleeping beauty dress with a phone so her life is good. To bad she keeps choking and having pretend poops. Hears to everyone getting better soon. 

We are now up to date for the month of January now hopefully I can keep this going. I don't think I will be able to do it every day like some people do and like I think is the correct way to do this 365 thing however I will try and do a week recap that seems like it may be more manageable.

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